Portable electric roller blind

Light electric curtain” is a kind of electric curtain mechanism powered by 25 tubular motor. The general control system USES the built-in, its operation only needs to toggle the power switch, the operation is simple, the work is quiet and smooth, the operation and the installation is relatively simple, is the manual shutter upgrade product. The motor is directly installed in the aluminum alloy coil tube, which not only reduces the volume of the curtain box and the transmission link of the force, but also avoids the influence of the outside on the motor, increasing the reliability of the mechanism. The coil tube is made of high quality aluminum alloy with high strength and no deformation. The surface is anodized to prevent aging and corrosion. The mounting bracket is made of high strength alloy steel with high bending and shearing strength to ensure the safety and reliability of the installation and use of the mechanism.

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