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Day outdoor awning episodic two motor system is a unique design, new style of shading system, used in business or shading can’t install in place, is designed for large and medium-sized glass daylighting roof or shading facade glass curtain wall and external blinds intelligent control system is designed, shading for the outdoor awning type mid-range higher one. Heat insulation effect is far better than glass room all sorts of indoor sunshade products, can reduce indoor temperature apparently, achieve energy-saving effect thereby.

Double motor outdoor awning system consists of two and an electronic control box, box and cover, embedded groove side rail and so on, the motor alone with a brake coil, can be individually control, to realize the running system, main motor transport lines, “auxiliary” plays a role of brake motor, electronic control box of an adjustable output voltage and the two coil short circuit of the motor, the voltage range AC40V – 130 – v, can be controlled by the adjustable potentiometer. The main motor is operated through the switch, and the system moves forward. At this time, the auxiliary motor holds the brake and releases it, but a reverse tension is generated to stabilize the system. The system stops running after stopping command or running to the limit. Finally, the tension is realized by the control box, which makes the main motor stop and hold, and at the same time, makes the auxiliary motor reverse to obtain the tension, which makes the fabric of the system tense. The track is connected to the motor housing box, and drives the reciprocating movement through the special steel belt and the reversing wheel, making the whole mechanism compact and completely smooth. The characteristics of the telescopic awning are that the grooved track is connected to the track wheel. Through the stretching force of the special rope in the spring, the tension force is interpreted to reciprocate in a straight line, making the whole framework compact and completely smooth. The structural framework is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and ABS resin. And bolt and screw all are made by stainless steel, if awning seam is too wide, the slight droop that may cause whole structure. The maximum width of a single frame can be 6.00 meters, and the maximum length can be 5 meters.

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