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Also known as organ curtain, it is inspired by the honeycomb design, the most perfect building in the world. The unique honeycomb structure enables the air to be stored in the hollow layer, keeping the indoor temperature constant and heat insulation warm.

Introduce: honeycomb curtain, its prevent ultraviolet ray and heat insulation function effectively protect household articles, prevent static electricity processing, wash easily. Pull a rope to conceal in hollow layer, the exterior is perfect, use rise to compare traditional device more simple and practical the design that can choose has honeycomb shade, day and night honeycomb shade, honeycomb shade sliding door, honeycomb shade skylight. Suitable for villa home, star hotel, office building and other places.

Electric organ ceiling curtain is an indoor high-grade sunshade decorative supplies, dc motor drive, motor small size, small power, safe and reliable, through the speed regulation device to make coaxial coil rope device rotation, pull the coil rope open and close, so as to achieve the curtain cloth open and close. Its unique limit device enables the products of different specifications to be positioned up and down accurately. At the same time, the power supply of the motor will be cut off automatically when the motor is in the state of blocking rotation, so that the motor will not be damaged by blocking rotation.

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