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Mall intelligent elevator advertising hook – is mainly used for large-scale high-end market department, star hotel, airport, entertainment and design, mainly used in various places of hanging banners, hanging lamp, hanging decoration, etc., to improve the image of the mall, as the market department, star hotel, airport, places of entertainment such as auspicious festive atmosphere.


1. It is a headache to change banners in the lobby atrium during festivals or store celebrations. How should we solve it?

Shopping mall advertising banner lifting hook through the hands of the remote control can help you to lower the height of the air hook, smooth down to the ideal position you need, you can easily and quickly change the air ribbon, banner and exquisite shape!

2. During the opening ceremony of large-scale high-end department stores, star-level hotels, airports, entertainment places and other places, advertising banners should be hung in the eye-catching position in the atrium lobby corridor. How to solve this problem easily, simply and quickly?

At this time, the shopping mall advertising banner lifting hook will play its role in a simple and quick way to complete, as long as the staff can press the remote control to lower the hook, hanging advertising banners easily raised. Many years of practice make us sum up a lot of successful experience,

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